Youth Ministry

The Youth fellowship has been in Emmanuel Baptist Church for over 40 years, it has ever been God’s base of preparing young people that will be a future leader; most of the past leaders of the fellowship have become Reverend, Pastors, Deacons and leaders in various aspect of God’s work. Its comprises young people that are below 40 years, the fellowship is been held by the President and supported by other post like: Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, P.R.O., Sport Director, Evangelism Secretary, Prayer Coordinator and the President from Baptist Student Fellowship, Royal Ambassador and Lydia Auxiliary.

Our activities are as follows:
Monthly meeting, we meet every second Monday of the month by 5pm, this is where we hear God’s word through some people of God and some time we learn how to do some practical work or we learn about our health and hygiene.
Youth Lay it at the Cross; this is where we settle things that border us at God’s feet. It prayer all through immediately after morning service on every second Sunday of the Month.

Most of the past leaders of the fellowship have become Reverend, Pastors, Deacons and leaders in various aspect of God’s work.

Youth Easter Retreat; this used to be picnic before but is now outreach to our mission field, we use this period for evangelism from Good Friday to Easter Monday we interact, preach the word, share materials and food with the villagers and it has ever been a great moment of doing God’s heart core work.

Emmanuel Youth Sport; we do sport that carry along the whole church members and we do this about three times in a year especially when there is public holiday, it’s always 6am and people really enjoy it that some are even giving us the equipment needed to do the sport.
Youth week; this is another avenue where people are allow to make use of their spiritual gift because all the activities of the church will be carried out by youth official like Youth week Pastor is to preach in both services English and Yoruba, there will be Deacons and deaconesses, Youth week secretary, Sunday Superintendent etc just to touch every aspect of the church
Annual Youth Conference; this started two years ago, where we invite ministers to come and preach and teach us some things that is relevant to our generation. We also interact in this meeting to discuss the way forward as Youth.
Social Ministry; we use to visit some less privileged people to relate with them and give them some gift e.g Orphanage home, Prison station, Juvenile etc.
We participate in Church projects such as construction of modern bill board, contribution when and where necessary and if we are able to. We also use to participate in National Youth Conference, State Conference and Association meetings.

In conclusion, presently we are having about 360 plus youth names on our attendance but we still need more because we know the youth in our church are more than that. You can join the vessels that God is preparing for future leader today.

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