Teenagers Ministry

The EMBC teenagers’ chapel is a vibrant arm of Emmanuel Baptist Church that comprises all teenagers (male and female between the ages of thirteen through nineteen years) fellowshipping and worshiping together in an atmosphere of peace, love, grace and joy with the aim of raising godly teenagers. The vision of the teenagers’ chapel is to build teenagers that are sound and responsible spiritually, socially, morally, academically and in all areas of life. The teenagers’ chapel currently has Rev. Samson Adewumi as the pastor to oversee her affairs and assisted by Pastor Opeyemi Adesina with many other facilitators passionately involved in the ministry. The teenagers’ chapel has a rich history which can be summarized progressively. The teenagers’ fellowship started as an off-shoot of Mama Adeniyi’s children and teenagers’ Sunday school classes as well as Pa (Dr.) Olu Ajolore’s discipleship classes and has been meeting together since the year 1992.

As the children grew and the group expanded, the need arose to meet together more often apart from normal Sunday school classes to address issues peculiar to their age range as teenagers. This gave birth (with the permission of the church) to the regular Friday meeting which is still in existence till date. And later on, fortnightly Sunday services which have now developed into a full-fledged weekly Sunday worship.

In its organized form as the teenagers’ fellowship, the pioneer coordinator of the fellowship is Rev. Femi Omoniyi, assisted by facilitators and executives who worked meritoriously in this capacity until he was called into a full time ministry as the pastor of Ibukun Oluwa Baptist Church in the year 2008. His departure meant facilitators in the interim managed the affairs of the fellowship under the direct supervision of the minister for youth and education- Rev. Taiye Adeola.

In December 2009, a new coordinator was appointed by the church in the person of Engr. Olawale Ajala under whose leadership, full fledged worship status was granted to the teenagers’ fellowship and he functioned in this capacity until a minister for teenagers and Christian education was engaged by the church in October 2012. Pastor Ope Adeshina has also been serving as a student pastor attached to the teenagers’ chapel from the 1st of March, 2012 till date.

In the year 2010, through the inspirational leadership of Rev. Taiye Adeola, the English chapel teenagers, Yoruba chapel teenagers as well as some other splinter teens group that were springing up within the church were brought together under one umbrella and this is the case up till date.

The teenagers’ fellowship started as an off-shoot of Mama Adeniyi’s children and teenagers’ Sunday school classes as well as Pa (Dr.) Olu Ajolore’s discipleship classes and has been meeting together since the year 1992.

As earlier mentioned, the teenagers’ fellowship had been holding services every fortnight in the church hall to address peculiar needs of teenagers in the church and to help the integration of children moving out of the children’s department due to age into the mainstream of church activities a seamless process and in a bid to further strengthen this growing arm of church, full-fledged services were granted to the teenagers’ fellowship with the inaugural service held on Sunday, 26th June 2011. Present at the service was the church pastor, Rev. Dr S.O. James, Minister for youth and education, Rev. Taiye Adeola, members of the board of deacons, executive council members, church elders including Pa, Dr Olu Ajolore as well as other church members.

The teenagers’ section of the church has continued to grow and wax stronger, impacting lives, particularly teenagers and contributing to church growth and development and in order to help further this worthy cause, a minister for teenagers and Christian Education was engaged by the church to oversee the affairs of the chapel in the person of Rev. Samson Adewumi who resumed duties in October 2012.

From a humble and rocky beginning, the teenagers chapel currently has an average attendance of two hundred teenagers, meets twice a week (5 pm on Fridays and 8:30 am on Sundays), operates as a full-fledged chapel within the church, with departments such as drama, choir, audio-visual, ushering, decorating, sanctuary keepers, and publicity; all with functional members, coordinated by heads of departments, teenagers executives and supervising facilitators, all reporting to the minister for Teenagers and Christian Education- Rev. Samson Adewumi.

The major programmes the chapel organizes include the annual variety programme which comes up every first Saturday in August, quarterly teenagers’ breakfast Sunday, choir carol service, excursion programme, indigenous worship service, teenagers on the podium, teenagers professional Sunday and other special services that meet peculiar needs of today’s’ teenagers. The teenagers’ chapel is a growing arm of the church that is open to inspiration and innovations that are impacting the lives of the teenagers. God bless Emmanuel Baptist Church for such a wonderful atmosphere to raise godly and responsible teenagers.

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