Welcome message

2023 is your season of Newness and God’s prophecy shall surely come to pass.
Beloved, I believe you will sing a new song in 2023.
Yes, I believe you will experience Newness for turnaround miracles.
Yes, I believe you will land safely in your desired destination in 2023.
Yes, I believe No matter your experience in 2022, 2023 will bring significant restoration and remarkable breakthroughs.
Yes, I believe; though the New Year has come with uncertainty, yet it will usher in a season of Newness, and your glory will shine.
Yes, I believe, There shall be no shipwreck; rather you will experience a turnaround miracle.
Yes, I believe, You are on your way to greater glory, newness and destiny fulfilment.
Welcome to your Season of Newness. Let brotherly love continue. I love you.

Church Pastor