Hands and Knees Vocational & Youth Centre

The visionary, Deac. Dr. Sam Oloruntoba, the chief medical director of Ola-Olu hospital; had one time been the pioneer coordinator of the English chapel. He served in this capacity for 12 years, dropping the baton of leadership to Rev. Taiye Adeola, the current coordinator of English chapel, in 2004.

During the 12 years spent as the coordinator of the chapel, he had this cordial relationship with the youths, knowing their needs and wants. The goal of empowerment, touching lives in the area of business and varieties of training (home-economics, music, fashion designing etc.) came up.

This led to him praying for them and seeking the face of God to know he can still impact their lives. But, it was noticed that there is no room for further development in the church area. As at this time, he had purchased land in Tanke area (it is running into 40 years now). When he was, then praying, the portion of the bible that emphasized “fullness of time” was given to him concerning the land.

As at this time, his wife (Pst. Mrs. Oloruntoba) has been praying in knowing God’s purpose for the land. It was affirmed when she asked some questions like: “Why did God give us this land?”, “Why had we not used it?”, “Why had we not seen an urgent need that warranted selling the land?”; it was definitely known that God has the need for it, even for the main fact that it has been kept safe for the past 40 years.

Our Vision
Empowering Youths, Touching Lives in areas of Business and Varieties of Training!

In view of the idea conceived, it was noticed that the Baptist denomination towards this, isn’t enough. “Baptist beliefs in prayer, word of God and things of the spirit serve as only an aspect of Christianity”, explained the visionary. He further said that the youths can be helped, not only jobless ones but also employed ones for the purpose of skill acquisition.

The church pastor, Rev. Dr. S. O. James, has proved to be a man of God with vision, especially in relation with the youths. Therefore, in alliance with him and Deac. Dr. Sam Oloruntoba, this vision of a ‘ministry’ is coming to pass. When thinking and contemplating about its name, names suggesting Baptist and Christian’s centre came up, but the scripture passage, “Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees” (Is. 35: 3) led to the name being “HANDS AND KNEES VOCATIONAL YOUTH CENTER”.

Also, not using the name of a church or that depicting the Christian faith will be an avenue to engage unbelievers and one way or the other evangelize to them.

Foundation Laying Ceremony Of Hands & Knees Vocational And Youth Center

Foundation Laying Ceremony Of Hands & Knees Vocational And Youth Center