EMBC Nursery And Primary School

In the year 1973 (January) The Emmanuel Baptist Nursery and Primary school started as a kindergarten/Daycare centre with Mrs. sokunbi as the Director. In 1985, the kindergarten was upgraded and updated to a Nursery School and in 1987 became a Nursery/Primary School.

All these took place while the School operated within the Church premises at Sabo-Oke, Ilorin. The school was however moved to Tanke, Ilorin on a site planned and envisaged to be the permanent site in 1990. Emmanuel Nursery and Primary School operated at the Tanke site till 1998 when the church executive committee approved a return to the church premises. This decision was made due to difficulties of accessibility to the Tanke site and downward enrolment of pupils.

Emmanuel Nursery and Primary School, therefore, made use of the Children’s Chapel, Old Pastorium Complex Sitting Room and Garage as a temporary solution. Six years later the church succeeded in putting up a befitting complex of two-story buildings of 8 classrooms. Since 2007 the school has been operating with modern classes of its own without further use of any temporary structures.

Presently the school is going through standard refurbishment, massive changes that have taken place in the structures include New Headmaster’s office with toilet facilities, School Library equipped with books and furniture, Painting of the school, A computer laboratory which started with five computer sets and has been subsequently equipped with a first-class photocopier, more computer sets and printers for the purpose of teaching and learning, A sports-field, playground and lots of sporting equipment i.e Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Lawn Tennis etc.

At the status of Nursery/Primary School in 1987, Mrs E.M Olaniyi (B.Ed) was the headmistress over four other grade II teachers – Mr M.O Olowoyo, Mr A. Ijagbemi, Mrs J.O Ihimikaiye and Miss Abigail Ayanda. Other Headteachers who served the school after Mrs Olaniyi in succession were Mr Bamidele, Deacon Aremu, Mrs C.O Ejikunle, Pastor C.O Okin and Mr. O.O Falode(the present headteacher) The school has been managed and is still being managed by an Education Management Committee set up by the church and changed from time to time. The First Chairman of this committee was Mr. J.K Otitoju, Others who have served with him in succession include Mr. S.A Iroye, Deaconess F.I Amodu, Dr G.O Atoyebi, Mrs Ajiboye and Mrs Oyawoye(The Present Chairperson)

Since 2007 the school has been operating with modern classes of its own without further use of any temporary structures.

As the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in one day”, Emmanuel Baptist Nursery and Primary School is gradually and rapidly becoming equipped with facilities and programmes that make her stand tall when compared to her contemporaries. These facilities include a School Bus, School Band Set, Computer Laboratory, Creche, Playgroup and Pre-Nursery classes equipped with TV sets, VCDs and expensive Toys for teaching /learning.

The School has acquired basketball, baseball, volleyball and Lawn Tennis equipment and a variety of other sports equipment which are being put to use in inter-house sports events biannually, the last of which took place on 20th of March 2015 on a grand scale. The pupils’ population is about 220 with staff strength of One HeadTeacher 18 Qualified (Graduates and NCE) Teachers, 2 Assistant Teachers, A Bursar, A Cleaner, A Computer Operator and a School Driver.

The School has been registered with the Nigerian Baptist Convention Christian Education Department and is Nationally an award-winning establishment in academic and sports competitions.